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    P.O. 79034, Ukraine, Lviv, prof. Bujka Street 2
    tel./fax + 38 (032) 270-35-27
    tel./fax + 38 (032) 270-21-44
    E-mail: zea_com@ukr.net

    OJSC Zakhidenergoautomatyka
    Reference of works 20042010 years.

    List of project works
    1. The feasibility study of electrification of a new plant ( with GIS(SF6 gas insulated system) 110 kV installation) for OJSC "Mykolaivcement", Lviv region
    2. Working draft of electrification of a new production PrJSC "Morshinsky mineral water plant "Oscar"
    3. Working draft of KL 110 kV for S/S 110/10kV "Rochen" factory in Vinnitsa
    4. Project works of protection PB 330 kV reconstructions under program: re GRP at Burshtynska CHP station OJSC "ZakhidEnergo.

    5. Project works (Stage "P" and "W") construction S/S 110 / 6 kV type GIS 110kV at OJSC Podolsky cement in Kamyanets Podolsky.
    6. Project works of existing oil switches 110kV replacement for SF6-gas at S/S 110/10kV in "Vyshgorod", "Ross", "Yagotin" CJSC "AES Kievoblenergo.
    7. Project works of voltage transformers SG 220/330 kV replacement at Burshtyns'ka CHP station.
    8. Project works of reconstruction and expansion at S/S-7 35/6kV in Truskavets.
    9. Project works of expansion at S/S-69 35/6kV in Drohobych
    10. Project works of line protection reconstruction at 330kV S/S Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant.
    11. Project works of emergency automatic reconstruction SG 220/330 kV at Burshtyns'ka CHP station
    12. Project works of protection reconstruction at 330kV S/S "Zhytomyrska", "Lisova", "Nizhyn", "Brovary", "Polyana" Central CES NEC Ukrenergo.

    13. Project works of replacement of existing air switches for SF6-gas of ABB SG 220/400kV at Burshtyns'ka CHP station
    14. Project works of implementation of the registration system parameters SG 220/330/400kV at Burshtyns'ka CHP station
    15. Project works of earth fault protection of type "Altra" SG 6kV at Burshtyns'ka CHP station.
    16. Project works of replacement of the current voltage transformers 330 kV for SF6-gas 330 kV SG at Burshtyns'ka CHP station.
    17. Project works of replacement of the modular cabinets heating circuits for SF6-gas switches 220 and 400kV ABB. SG 220/400kV at Burshtyns'ka CHP station..
    18. Project works for "Kyivoblenergo, S/S 110/35/10kV at "Boryspil", re-placement of two units of circuit breakers 110 kV for SF6-gas, replace-ment of three blocks of circuit breakers 35kV for vacuum, relay protec-tion reconstruction with microprocessors replacement..
    19. Project works, protection panels production, installation and configuration works of PRVV 330 kV at S/S-330 kV in Vinnitsa.
    20. Project works of replacement of oil switches 150kV for SF6- gas at S/S OJSC EC "Mykolaivoblenergo.

    21. Project works of protection implementation: REL-521, REL-511, REF-441, diffprotection "Diamond", protection settings calculation MISOM-441, MISOM-127, DC boards, the registrar "Regina" - Western ES, Dni-provska ES, South-West ES, Burshtyns'ka CHP station, Dobrotvirs'ka CHP station, Prikarpatoblenergo and others
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