OJSC ôZakhidenergoautomatykaö
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main building
P.O. 79034, Ukraine, Lviv, prof. Bujka Street 2
tel./fax + 38 (032) 270-35-27
tel./fax + 38 (032) 270-35-27
E-mail: zea_com@ukr.net

Departments of OJSC ôZakhidenergoautomatykaö
1. Electroautomatics Department.
The primary tasks - Projects Designing and Reconstruction of the Operating , Installation and Configuration Works of an Electric part of Stations and Substations 6 - 750 kV.
2. Electroinstallation Department.
Production of the Electropanel Board Equipment, Secondary Switching, Reconstruction of the Electrotechnical Equipment, Adjustment of the Relay Protection and Automatics, Systems of Thermal Automatics and Measurements.
3. Marketing Department.
Monitoring orders for the equipment in cooperation with Manufacturers, delivers and Accompanies Production on objects ets...
4. Production department
Produces the Electrotechnical Equipment, Metalworks, etc.
5. Chemical Department.
Gives all Types of Service of Chemical Maintenance at Power Units
6. Thermotechnics department .
Optimization of the Processes in Heat Supply Systems.
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